Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"The Show Goes On"

Got my dad home today, his first day on hospice care. I thought it was hard in the hospital, but this is worse. Perhaps it will just take time to figure out what help we need beyond what hospice provides. Yes, it will just take time. To adjust. To catch up on sleep. The doctor ordered him Ativan for anxiety, and I laughed and said that my mother and I are the ones who need drugs!

I apologize to those whose interviews I postponed because I had to rush back to AZ from San Diego. The show goes on, as Bruce says, and in a few days I will be contacting you to reschedule. While facing the reality of mortality my spirits have been lifted by the emails, Facebook comments, and instant messages from those of you who have reaffirmed the importance of the work I'm doing. Your commitment to the vitality of the comparisons I am making and your appreciation of my insights into the diversity of lived Mormonism have kept my spirits up as I walk with my father between the worlds. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will be moving some of my books and other materials to my parents' home so that I can help my mom during the day while getting back to the project.
The Show goes on, and the sad-eyed sisters go walking on
Everyone watching all along
The show goes on, as the autumns coming
And the summers all gone
Still without you, the show goes on

Time is passing,slowly passing you by
You better try to find it before it passes you by
As I watch you walking to another cold dawn
And you keep on walking
And they keep on talking
Talking all along

Bruce Hornsby, "The Show Goes On" from Scenes From The Southside 1988

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John W. Morehead said...

Doe, I hope your PhD work is proceeding. I think I saw you from a seat in the Wade Clark Roof presentation at Sunstone. Any way I can challenge you to post more frequently on this blog on the great focus of this blog?